Friday, August 16, 2013

Queen V, Star & Dagger, and The Bamboo Kids: 3 Bands You Should Know About But Don't

This is NOT where you will find American Idol or The Voice contestants. This post seeks to highlight some bands and artists that you should know about but don't, because mainstream radio refuses to play good music these days.

What is most tragic about radio these days is there IS great music out there - they just aren't playing it. And as a result, rock'n'roll fans like you and me don't know about it. Until today. I will periodically do a feature where I list some bands you should check out, and each of the bands I'm featuring today will have their own article written about them soon, with Q&A's right from the band members, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, being a teacher, I'm going to give you some fun homework to do. It's really easy - all you have to do is click on the links I give you below and listen. Enjoy. Rock'n'Roll is NOT dead if you don't want it to be. Click "Read More" below and be prepared to have your face melted with real rock'n'roll. Ready? Here we go....

Photo by Kathi Rabil

Queen V

Queen V is a New York based band that keeps it real with their hard hitting rock riffs. Tom Morello and Lemmy can't be wrong: both of the aforementioned heavyweights have recorded with Queen V. They are being featured in October's issue of Guitar World magazine, and have also won the voting battle for a spot on the Jones Beach stop of the Uproar tour, playing on the same bill as Jane's Addiction and Alice in Chains, this weekend (August 18, 2013). Queen V's voice is best described as kick-ass, but go listen for yourself. She's a combination of Joan Jett, Ann Wilson, Shirley Manson, and Blondie. V is also an awesome guitarist. Trust me. Go listen. Do it now.  Click on the image above to go to the Queen V website, or on the link below to view the video for "America" from the latest album. Keep your eyes on the blog for a feature and Q&A with Queen V coming soon.

Star & Dagger

Star & Dagger are best described as a heavy metal/hard rock band, but the catchy hooks in their songs will have you forgetting about those silly labels and instead singing along as though you were listening to a hard hitting pop song.  Hailing from New Orleans and Los Angeles, it's no wonder that this musical fusion can have such a unique impact; the band is made up of bassist Sean Yseult (formerly of White Zombie), guitarist Dava She Wolf (from Cycle Sluts From Hell), and vocalist Von Hesseling. If you like hard rock with edgy lyrics and heavy riffs, you'll love Star & Dagger. I bought my copy of their much anticipated album Tomorrowland Blues on the limited edition blue vinyl, and I'm loving it. Again, we'll be bringing you a Q&A with the ladies from Star & Dagger soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can check them out  by clicking on the photo above which will bring you to their Reverbnation page where you can find everything you need to start rocking out. Or you can click on the video below and watch "Your Mama Was a Grifter" right now. You won't be sorry I promise. And you'll be singing the main hook for the rest of the day. Or week. Or month. If you order your copy of the album on vinyl as I did, there is a nifty board game on the back. Yes, I just used the word nifty. Get over it and go listen to these ladies rock it out!

The Bamboo Kids

The Bamboo Kids are a New York based rock band that will have you thinking "Why isn't this on the radio?!?!" Their clever hooks and lyrics aren't the only thing that shine off of the new album "Safe City Blues". The tone you'll hear coming from their guitars will keep you coming back for more. Again, I ordered my version of the new album on double vinyl - that's right music nerds, a double LP - directly from the label - Drug Front Records. They recently played a show where they paid homage to T Rex. How can you not love a band that loves T Rex?  I'll have a full album review as well as a Q&A with the band coming soon, so again, follow us and you'll get all the latest updates for the blog. In the meantime, check them out on their Facebook page (clicking on the link or the photo above will take you there directly) or in their video for "The Most Important Rule" below.

One thing all three bands have in common is hard work and dedication to their craft. There are no "instant fame" recipients here. These bands have been in the trenches for years, and in some cases over a decade. Don't be angry when you hear them and think they're awesome. Instead, go buy their music or go to one of their shows. Maybe e-mail a radio station programming director and tell them what you've heard. Or just enjoy the new music you've discovered and revel in the fact that Rock'n'Roll is NOT dead.

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