Album Review: "Wreck Your World" by Dead in 5

I told you when I reviewed their debut album and interviewed them that this band was a hard-rocking, dirty-sounding Detroit outfit not to be missed. I also told you I would be reviewing their new album, and that I was looking forward to it. Did it live up to my expectations? Read on and find out.

It's no secret by now that I like my rock music poseur-free and that I have a profound respect for musicianship. A decade of being classically trained as a musician will do that to you. I still want to hear guitar solos - if there are harmonies, even better - and I like bands that remain true to the heart and soul of what rock'n'roll is: a dirty, rebellious, loud, fun genre of music that often translates into a lifestyle. 

"Wreck Your World" contains more of the heavy riffs, powerful vocals, and hook-laden songwriting that caught my attention on Dead in 5's debut record. The wailing guitars are still there, the pounding bass lines and tight percussion work still hold down the rhythm section, and the vocals are just as raw and grab the listener's attention.

Some standout tracks include "Eye on Eye", which reminded me of Alice in Chains at their angriest, and "The War" which makes me imagine what David Coverdale may have sounded like if he ever fronted Motorhead. "Final Solution" will get you a speeding ticket, and you'll enjoy the look on the officer's face when he hears the lyrics blaring from your car stereo.

You know how some bands do a cover and it sounds like your local bar's cover band? I'm always afraid of seeing a cover tune listed on a band's album, no matter who it is. Dead in 5 does a killer version of "Black Betty" and they do what any good cover does: they make it their own. It's definitely a version you won't want to miss if you love the original song. The title track starts off with an up-tempo riff that lures the listener in, before the sound seemingly shifts gears. The band infuses a little bit of Detroit twang into the raucous "Leave Me For Tomorrow", which I can easily foresee being a popular track for hot summer days. However, make no mistake: once the first verse and chorus are through, the heaviness returns, just in case you thought you were going to get away with some "easy listening." 

The twang is all gone by the time the band rips into "Die Another Day" and it's one of those monster songs that you want to hear at an outdoor music festival, with the crowd worked into a frenzy. This reviewer thinks its the strongest song on the album, followed by "Last Tragedy". 

Overall, this is a great sophomore offering by a band that you should be supporting already. I often hear people complaining that there isn't good music on the radio anymore. Who's fault is that if you're too cheap to buy your music and/or send an e-mail to your local radio station asking them to play some of the cool music you hear? The music industry has changed, no doubt about it, but that's why you need to listen to the crazy rock'n'roll worshippers like myself and pick up Dead In 5's latest album. You won't be sorry. I was right last time, wasn't I? You can check out the band's music and buy it through their Facebook page, or iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.

In fact, if you really want to see this band take off, you can vote for them to win a main stage slot at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip rally. If you don't know that Sturgis is one of the biggest shows every year, you know now! Vote for Dead in 5 here!