Full Circle: An Interview with Matt Taul of Days Of The New

I remember the first time I heard Days Of The New on my radio. I was in high school. I remember trying to figure out the gorgeously dark guitar parts on my acoustic guitar, but more than anything, I remember how tight the band sounded all together. You can't fake that, nor can you jam along to it. It's pure magic. That first album is still one of the favorites in my collection, and so when I found out that the band was going to be "reuniting" with all of its original members for the first time in a decade, I was thrilled. It's proof that once again, true rock'n'roll can't be bought.

I had a chance to ask Matt Taul, the drummer that anchors the band's rhythm section, a few questions about their upcoming tour, and he graciously answered.

Playing With Chaos (PWC): ​This is the first time in 10 years that the original line up of Days of The New is together again and on tour. What prompted the reunification of the original band members?

Matt Taul (MT): 
For myself I felt it was time to make a life change and grow up a little - to forgive and be forgiven and humble myself. Taking a full time job as a machinist,  I had to remember who and where I was from and drop the rock star mentality. I have missed working with Travis for years now.  I got a call from Travis and he played me the new stuff. When I heard the music I almost fell over -it was like we were kids again. The music has got a unique sound which I missed. After hearing the new stuff -how could I not accept the job?  The new music is really heavy blues - more upbeat than the first album.

PWC: What can fans (new and old) expect on this upcoming tour? Will you be playing a variety of the band's material or focusing on the new music?

MT: I'll say everyone should be pleased with the show. We touch on all Yellow and Green hits as well as introduce some new music. Come to the show and I promise you will leave with smiles on your face.

PWC: We're gearheads here at Playing With Chaos, so we always ask: what gear do you have for studio/live use?

MT:  I use Sonar and Brady drums, Sabian cymbals, Remo heads and Gilbraltar hardware plus Promark sticks size 7a, and a double power glide Iron Cobra pedal.

PWC: Your first album had a very distinct sound that I haven't heard ever again since. How are you approaching the new music and what does the songwriting process look like currently for the band?

MT: For the first album - we just jammed in a room until we got it right. Now we want to go back to our roots and get that good quality sound like the first album.  In terms of writing -Travis usually has parts of songs and we jam as a band until it's together. If he or Todd (guitar) already has a song written then Jesse (bass) and I write our parts to it.  The rhythm section does a lot of arranging but we stay in the jam room and do it that way.

The music industry has undergone some pretty mind-boggling changes since the your band first formed. What struggles do you think new bands face in today's scene that your band did not have to contend with? You seem to have "survived" - for lack of a better word - the grunge scene and what came after it. What advice do you have for a band/artist that is just starting out in the industry?

MT: The Internet has taken over everything.  New bands don't get big advances - so save money wisely.  Nowadays it's a hard road in that you have to work your ass off with live performances and touring.

PWC: What are your plans for the band once the summer tour wraps up?

MT: We hope to be in the studio making the new album and continue to tour in the Fall. 

PWC: Any special messages to your fans and supporters?

MT: Thank you so much - I hope to see you at our shows - you will be rocked!

The current tour dates for Days of the New are listed below (with new dates being added regularly, so check the Facebook page!), and you can keep up with the band's tour via their Facebook page. Thanks to Matt for being so candid and true to the spirit of rock'n'roll.

6/27 Home Bar - Chicago
6/28 Stars & Stripes Festival - Detroit
7/17 Bleachers - Bristol, CT
7/18 Claddagh Pub -Lawrence, MA
7/19 Moniraes - Pennelville, NY
7/24 Sellersville Theater - Sellersville, PA
7/25 The Chance - Poughkeepsie, NY
7/31 Rib House - Fayetville, AR
8/1 Scout Bar - Houston, TX
8/2 Chameleon Room - Oklahoma City, OK
8/29 Befuddled Festival - New Albany, IN