Kick Ass Kickstarters: Support Some of Your Favorite Rockers This Summer!

Kickstarter campaigns have become the new norm in the music industry. Many bands, not just local indie bands, are using the crowdfunding model to get new music, tours, or music videos out to their fans. I did a story over on Sound Convictions that details the ins and outs of crowdfunding campaigns. Check it out if you want to know why it's the way of the future. In the meantime, check out the following kickstarters that have campaigns up and running for this summer. 

The Guitar Gods Tour - Gary Hoey and Bumblefoot
This is going to a shredfest! Put together by Yngwie Malmsteen, who will be a part of the tour together with Gary Hoey and Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, The Guitar Gods tour is hitting stages across North America this summer. If you back this kickstarter, you have the opportunity to get a Fender guitar, lessons from Hoey or Bumblefoot, and other awesome prizes like one of them guest starring on your band's song by playing the solo for it. Pretty cool! If you're willing to be the ultimate crowdfunder, they'll even come and play a gig at your house. Anyone want to get in on this one with me? Drinks are on me I promise! You can also check out the tour schedule and pick up VIP upgrade packages on the Gary Hoey and Bumblefoot websites.

Ayron Jones and The Way
We featured an album review and an interview with Ayron Jones earlier this spring. If you haven't checked out their music yet, you must do yourself a favor and do it now. A unique Seattle sound that pays tribute to the blues infused rock and roll that has sadly gone missing from the airwaves as of late, Ayron Jones and the Way is funding a music video, PR, and tour to go along with their awesome music. And yes, one of the perks is the band playing 3 45-minute sets at your venue of choice. Get on it!

The Detroit alt rock band is still kicking, and they're funding their upcoming tour on another crowdfunding site, PledgeMusic. I featured their story on the Sound Convictions site.

If you want to find some great new music, head over to the kickstarter website and do a search under your favorite genre. You'll be pleasantly surprised at what you might find, and you may even get some really awesome swag out of it for participating. That, and the eternal gratefulness of your new favorite band.

Remember, no matter what, get out there this summer and go support live music! Buy music and support the artists you love. If you don't, they can't continue to entertain you.

Rock on, and as a very good friend once told me, Keep Kicking Ass!