String Shootout Series Review - GHS Boomers

The string testing lab is still hoppin'! For the past two weeks, GHS Boomers were put through the gauntlet of tests on my Les Paul Studio. Here are the results!


Tone: Warm and bright

Tuning Stability: 3.5/5
The Boomers stayed in tune fairly well, but it took about a week to have them settle in so to speak. Afterwards, they stayed remarkably in tune. Had it not taken a week to achieve this effect, they would have scored 4.5/5.

Playability and Feel: 5/5
I now know why so many pros - and amateurs - name GHS Boomers as their favorite strings! They feel exceptionally good under your fingers, and they just seem to play themselves, as odd as that sounds. I've played a lot of strings, and the Boomers are easily among the top 3 in terms of playability and feel.

Response to Pick attack and Balance from string to string: Exceptional (4.5/5)
The response to pick attack and the balance between strings was great. One string did not sound louder than the other, nor was pick attack exaggerated and clumsy-sounding. The tone was even in all octaves and the sound was play-worthy right off the bat. There was no time needed to get rid of some of those "new strings" type of sounds because the Boomers didn't suffer from that annoyance.

Depth of sound/Sustain: How well do the strings sustain? (4.5/5)
The sounds that my guitar is capable of with these strings is exceptional. I was able to play across genres, with high and low/no gain, effects, no effects, and I was able to achieve the exact tone I was after. 

The sustain of the Boomers was excellent. This was noticeable enough that even in the neck pickup, the strings sounded like they could sustain into the end of my practice session. I know that the Les Paul Studio I'm using has no sustain issues whatsoever, so these strings simply pushed the guitars' sonic qualities into that sweet spot that you hear during some of rock'n'roll's most beautiful solos.

Durability: (4/5)
The strings still feel "new" after two weeks, with the exception being the high E and B strings, which feel a little bit more grimy in sections, but there is no loss of tone. A quick wipe down made it negligible, and the strings themselves show no discoloration or change in tuning stability so the score was not affected. 

Overall, I can see and hear why GHS Boomers are often the go-to string by some of my favorite guitar players. Even players that have endorsements with other brands can often be seen sneaking a set of these strings on their guitars, and there is a reason why: they feel and sound great.

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